Products and services

We currently have 3 products and services that are available for general consumption.

Hosted Conference Bridge

By adding value added services through connecting to specialized outside providers, telephony operators can both increase their margins on traffic minutes as well as increase the amount of minutes sold. Phone conferencing is especially well suited for this type of service integration and will have the added benefit of bestowing a “Green” profile to the operator through the potential reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases from reduced travel.

Increase revenues by adding value to the minutes you’re already supplying, as well as adding more traffic. Sell web-driven, self-serve voice applications under your own brand, without investing in new systems, new personnel or training.

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Voice Notification System

The Voice Notification System enables customers to easily reach out to any number of users with a spoken message.

The Voice Notification System is ideal for the public sector when there is a need to notify their inhabitants and users on various infrastructure issues (like broken water pipes, bad water conditions, flooding, schools shutting down due to bad weather, etc).

Connect the Voice Notification System module to a GIS system and a voice generator and it would increase the service level of a county.

In the private sector the uses may range from targeted advertising, reminder system to press briefings and company announcements.

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Click to Call

Put voice on your web page and let your customer speak to you for free.

A Click-to-Call solution from Azuralis will increase your your sales rate on the products available on your web page.

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