Features at a glance
  • Hosted solution
  • Requires no programming
  • Easy to use configuration interface
  • OEM and white label ready
  • Advanced integration with a RESTful API

Click to call

Put voice on your web page and let your customer speak to you for free.

A Click-to-Call solution from Azuralis will increase your sales rate on the products available on your web page.

In this age more and more communication is done by the written word - and more and more people are getting frustrated by not being able to verbally communnicate with a human voice.

Voice is not overrated in the age of Facebook and Twitter. In fact, voice is in many ways much more efficient than written communication. Seling services and goods over the web has gone so far that many websites do not even give out a phone number. Selling goods and services over the web is both efficient and time saving - but what if your customer want to talk to you?

By enabling the Azuralis Click-to-Call solution you can turn your website visitors into satisfied customers by letting them talk to you for free. This is in fact a better solution than the so called "free phone" services a lot of companies already enable, where the user must fetch his phone and then dial in the correct number. Why not let the user enter the number on your home page?

Solution features

100% hosted solution

No need for you to install any software or servers. We host the whole infrastructure so you don't have to.

No programming required

Just incluce HTML in your web page and you are ready to receive your first call. Our solution will appear on your web page is 100% configurable:

  • Simple link to web page hosted by us.
  • As a popup window - your user will never leave your site.
  • As an IFRAME that can be inserted into any Content Management System by the end user.

Easy filtering

You can limit who you want to call you. The rules are very simple: Include just the countires and type of phones (i.e. cell phones or land lines) that you will allow to call you - or exclude a set of countries.

You can limit yhe time of day you want to receive calls.

Become a reseller

Resell the soluion to your cusotmers - in your own name, either fully branded or co-branded.

Advanced options - but still easy

If you need to have tighter integration with your web site, our RESTful API is easy to use - all it takes to set up a call between two phones are one HTTP call.

Reporting capabilities

You can log into your Click-to-Call management console and not only see how many were calling you and from where - but you can also get the actual numbers that called you.