Use cases a glance
  • Web hosting providers
  • Content Managment System vendors
  • e-commerce web sites
  • Customer support

Use cases

Web hosting providers

Web hosting providers can now add a new and exciting product to their customers.

Content Managment System vendors

There is fierce competition in the CMS market. More and more CMS vendors are adding SMS and mobile texting functionality to their solution. In fact, most popular Open Source solutions have some support for SMS communication with their customers - so why not take it to the next level with real voice communication?

e-commerce web sites

Do you feel that you could sell more goods from your web site if you could not only chat with your customers, but also talk to them? With the Azuralis Click-to-Call solution you can, and talking to your customers is far better than sending them an email.

Customer support

You would like to provide your customer a "free phone" service, but find the whole concept both expensive and hard to implement. What if you sell goods and services on an international scale - deploying "free phone" services in many countries can be very expensive. Deploying a Click-to-Call solution is both easy, fast and a fraction of the cost you would pay for ordinary "free phone" services.