Features at a glance
  • OEM and white label ready
  • Add advanced conferences to your service portfolio
  • Low startup cost with our hosted Cloud Conferencing™
  • Hear every detail with HD Voice (G.722)
  • Secure conferences with One Time Passwords
  • Easy to integrate postpaid and prepaid billing
  • Feature rich, RESTful API and user-friendly web GUI

Hosted Conference bridge

Add value to your minutes - expand your service offering

By adding value added services through connecting to specialized outside providers, telephony operators can both increase their margins on traffic minutes as well as increase the amount of minutes sold. Phone conferencing is especially well suited for this type of service integration and will have the added benefit of bestowing a “Green” profile to the operator through the potential reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases from reduced travel.

Increase revenues by adding value to the minutes you’re already supplying, as well as adding more traffic. Sell web-driven, self-serve voice applications under your own brand, without investing in new systems, new personnel or training.

In its most basic form, the Azuralis Conference Bridge is just that, a platform for delivering phone conferences. It can do so much more though, use it to build innovative new products and services.

Be up and running fast

All you have to do to get started is connect to our servers and start selling. You don’t have to invest in any new hardware or software, hire new operations staff or pay for expensive training. We’ll provide everything you need to get started, including templates for marketing materials. The servers are all hosted with us, just sign up and start selling.

The minutes will still be coming from you. As part of our package, we’ll connect back to your telephony service  and make sure your customers are generating traffic for you.

Go “Green” and save

The savings from holding phone conferences versus meeting in person are obvious. Using our conferencing platform you can enable your customers to save money, while at the same time generate more traffic for you, with higher margins per minute.

You’ll give your company an environmentally friendly profile through the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases. At the same time, you’ll make your customers feel good about purchasing more services from you.

We’ll help you look good!

You can turn any application or web page into an advanced voice-enabled application by using our rich API. If you just want to get started quickly with phone conferencing, we’ll provide you with an easy to use, yet highly sophisticated Web 2.0 user interface that you can re-skin to suit your design and profile needs.

Among its many features is the ability to schedule a conference for later, or start one right away. Participants can be entered manually, or selected from an Address Book. Automatic notifications can be sent out to all participants 5 minutes before a conference is scheduled to start. Conferences can be recorded and the recording downloaded as an MP3 file. Participants can dial in to the conference, or be called by the conference system.

Your customers will love the ability to connect to Skype users and include them in conferences. All they have to do is type the Skype usernames in the list of participants.

Advanced features

Having a set PIN code for a recurring conference can be a bad idea, as PIN codes tend to get spread far and wide over time. Azuralis’ user interface allows your customers to assign individual PIN codes to each participant. You can even provide them with One Time Password “calculators” for added security, adding more revenues for you.

Previously held conferences can be repeated with a single click, customers and conferences can be assigned dedicated DID numbers and HD conferencing equipment can be connected using wideband codecs for unmatched clarity.

Rated billing information is instantly available after a conference is finished, based on your end user pricing.

Do more with less!

The Azuralis conferencing platform gives you access to a rich set of features through our developer API. In addition to performing all the expected conference functions, you can send SMS text messages, dial any number of telephone numbers and play a pre-recorded message, do Text-To-Speech conversion, establish calls to Skype users, set up HD conferencing, establish bridged calls between two parties, perform billing functions and more.