Customer categories

A White Label Customer is a customer who a reselling our services in their own brand name.

A Co Branded Customer is a customer who is reselling our services with both our and theirs visual identity shown.

A Reseller is a customer who is selling our services - letting us take care of everything from customer support to billing.

An End Customer is a end user of our hosted solution.


White Label Customers

Major VoIP Serivce Provider
This service provider is one of the leading white label VoIP service providers in Norway, serving approximately 50 000 end customers and having ca 30 of their own White Label Customers.

Oyatel AS
Oyatel is one of the leading VoIP service providers that cater exclusively to the business market.

Large DSL Serivce Provider
This service provider one of the major players in the DSL market in Norway. Currently using a rebranded version for internal use.

Reseller with own brand
We have a very successfull reseller of our hosted conference services. This reseller is targeting the high-end business market with excellent personal customer service. is our own White Label brand used to cater direct resellers and their customers. Konfus is an example of a 100% completely self-service solution.

Spcial white label solution with a eat-as-much-as-you-can price model.
Spcial white label solution with integration with PayPal for the really simple conference needs.

Co-branded solutions

Broadnet is reselling the Konfus service "as-is" with a co-branded look and feel when customers are signing up from their own web page.


  • Mobilpartner Bergen AS
  • Norcom AS

End customers

For various reasons we cannot mention our customers by name. If you need specific refernces before you sign up with our services, please contact us.

We have customers, both big and registered on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and small one in almost any businesses: Nutrient suppliers, power distributors, television channel, lawyer companies, political parties, big and small financial institutions, public service organzations, media companies, players in the travel industry, several hospitals, etc.