Technical overview

The Azuralis TelCore API takes care of everything "telephonical" so you can concentrate on writing code the way you want. If you know the telephone numbers you want to call, this is what you use with our API. It is really that simple.

What we give you is access to a whole bunch of telephony related stuff with easy to use RESTful API calls. We eat our own dog food, and use our own Azuralis TelCore API in our own applications. This ensure that our API is developer friendly.

You can create API mashups, add voice to your Web 2.0 applications, but also integrate telephony into your legcay applications.

We do have customers that are making exciting mobile application using our TelCore API to bridge 2 or more people.

We also have customers who are only using us for the simple SMS API.

The majority of our customers are not aware that they are in fact using the most advanced and programmer friendly telecom API - it is hidden behind well crafted and end user friendly applications.

Ourself - we have used our TelCore API to create 3 radically differenct telephone conferencing solution, Voice Notification GUI for demo purposes and making Click-to-Call available to non-programmers.

We hide the raw, hard, unfriendly telecom infrastructure from you.

However - given our expertise in these matters, we see to that the infrastructure is always the Best Of Breed and scales up to your expectations be it 1 simple call or 500 concurrent callers into a multiparty conference. If we decide to change one of our telecom components, or even one of our underlying suppliers - you will not notice this change (except for better quality).

We expose the following functionality through 84 differenct API calls:

  • Multiparty conferencing with real time call controll (mute, unmute, kick, initiate call, etc).
  • Call briding of two call legs.
  • DID management for easy access to phone numbers from a whole range of countries.
  • Voice file managment which is used by other parts of the API.
  • SIP account managment.
  • Text-To-Speech with American English as ready to use. Other languages available on request.
  • User management.
  • Voice Notification Services with campaign and phone list management.
  • Resource mappings for easy access for non-authenticated users.

We do the hard telecom work so you do not have to.