Services at a glance
  • Telephony application development
  • Telephony infrastructure hosting
  • Custom made PBX deployments
  • General software design and development
  • Consulting and advice


When we're not developing our own products and services we do various work for our customers. Even if our main focus is communication in general and telecom as our speciale we love to design and develop software.

Telephony application development

Our own software and services are excellent examples of what we are capable of. We have designed and created or own highly scalable telephony infrastructure consisting of geograpical fail over solutions, a very rich telecom API (briding calls, muliparty calls, voice blasting, SMS dispatching, SIP account handling, etc), graphical front ends, etc.

Telephony infrastructure hosting

On behalf of several customers we are hosting their offerings. Some of these solution have been created by us, for others we do full service running operations of Open Source telephony software.

Custom made PBX deployments

By using readily available telephony components, a organization can make huge savings by using our PBX deployment services rather than going down the more common road of deploying shelf-ware PBX solutions.

General software design and development

Between the employees of Azuralis we have between 4 and 24 years of commercial sofware design and development behind us. Some of our experience are 100% targeted towards modern telecommunication development - while other experiences range from iPhone development and web sites to system integration and desk top software.

Consulting and advice

We do consulting and advisory - primary within the telecom realm, but our cross domain knowledge have taken us to creating business plans and high-impact presentation work. We have a big network of knowlegdable people and companies that help us out where we cannot provide high quality expertice.