Work we do
This is not an exhaustive list of customer cases. It may however give you an idea om the diversity of work we have done not only within the telecommunication field, but also ordinary software development.

Customer cases

Infrastructure work

  • Distributed PBX system for retailer (2009-2010)
    Design and deployment of PBX system for HQ + five differenct geographical locations.
  • Provider NN (2008-2010)
    Design, development and running operations of VoIP trunking platform which did include near-to-hot billing solutions and Customer Self Care web pages.
  • Provider NN2 (Q4 2009)
    Design, development and running operations of mobile VoIP platform.
  • NewCo (started Q1 2010)
    Design, development and running operations of mobile VoIP platform. The platform should scale up to 200 000 users by the end of 2010.

Advisory work

  • Major power supplier
    Advisory report on Business Class VoIP.
  • NewCo mobile VoIP
    Advisory work on both business aspects and technical aspects. This includes works on investor presentations, presentation materials, Mobile VoIP Client software, etc.
  • Supplier of directory business information
    Advisory report on New Telecom Platform.
  • NewCo mobile VoIP and CT/CB soltuions
    Advisory work regarding mobile client software solutions.

Software development work

  • Co-venture with other entity
    Native iPhone application to be released Q3 2010.
  • Backend for Facebook application
    Developed highly scalable backend solution using Amazon WS for Facebook application. This also included rudimentary administration system.
  • Classified advertisment site
    Advisory, development, deployment and running operations of a speicliaty website for classified advertisements.

Other work areas

  • Norwegian Naval Forces
    Course instructor for course in Advanced Unix System administration.
  • High-impact presentations
  • For several customers we have designed, developed, held and coached several high-impact sales and information presentations. Presentations are developed using a well proven method developed by one of our co-founders.